Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy in Bahasa Malaysia

2nd STREET TRADING MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. recognizes the importance of personal information in terms of conducting its business operations, and places highest priority in ensuring that such information is fully protected. In order to provide peace of mind for our customers, we comply with laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines published by various government authorities.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information means information about individuals, including the name, gender, address, date of birth, telephone, e-mail and what identifies the individuals. It shall also include the history of use or information that cannot identify individuals by itself, but can as verified with some other information.

2. Collecting Personal Information

We clarify the purpose for collecting personal information when collecting such information, announce or published to the customer as soon as after collecting.

3. Using Personal Information

Personal information will be used or provided according to the purpose of use .

4. Purpose of Use
  1. To provide and distribute the registration of product or service, after-sales service, for the sake of customer support.
  2. To identify of a person, confirm the rights of utilization, contact about products, service and invoice.
  3. To use the sales promotion activities of merchandizing products, services, advertising and marketing as Sending direct mails.
  4. To provide information regarding merchandising products or services that 2nd STREET TRADING MALAYSIA SDN.BHD.(hereinafter referred to as ”2nd Street") deems necessary or appropriate in such circumstances.
  5. To ask to answer a survey for 2nd Street or another company that 2nd Street deems necessary or appropriate.
  6. To analyze customer access histories on our website, concern our products or services and provide its survey data.
  7. To improve our merchandizing products or services and 2nd Street deems necessary and beneficial for customers.
5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

2nd Street will not disclose or provide personal information obtained from you in advance to any third party except for cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws.

6. Handling of Anonymously Processed Information

2nd Street may provide Anonymously Processed Information to Third Parties in order to analyze customer access history on our website and to concern our products and services.

  1. Personal information included in Anonymously Processed Information Age, gender, address(prefecture) and access history.
  2. Provision of Anonymously Processed Information Uploading it to the server which is possible to use for Third Party.
  3. Provision Period of Anonymously Processed Information Continuous provision is assumed.
  4. Security of Anonymously Processed Information.
  1. 2nd Street will strive to keep it as organizational, personnel, materialistic and technological to prevent leakage, loss, destruction and damage.
  2. 2nd Street carries out the necessary and appropriate education of its employees in order to keep it secure.
  3. 2nd Street will supervise the subcontractor appropriately as required in case of entrustment the handling of Anonymously Processed Information.
  4. 2nd Street provides the contact address to handle the Anonymously Processed Information.
7. Disclosure to Outsourcing partners

2nd Street may provide the personal information to outsourcing partners when we outsource all or part of our job. In this case, we will sign a contract with outsourcing partner’s companies regarding protection of personal Information, and will implement strict control, guidance and supervision.

8. Management of Personal Information

2nd Street strives to handle customer’s personal information with meticulous attention to prevent from leakage, loss, destruction and damage.

In the case of registration or utilization of personal information through internet or mobile communication equipment, the personal information will be protected according to necessary by SSL technology which is industry standard. 2nd Street does not guarantee the accuracy of security because of quality of internet communication.

2nd Street uses cookies and Web beacons in part of our website to make it more conveniently for person or grasp browsing circumstance. 

2nd Street may refer to customer’s cookies saved as a file in your device.


1) A cookie is a data file system that is transferred to your device when the customer use our website. It is useful to obtain customer’s history of use or input content.

When the customer visits the same website again, saved cookies in customer’s computer recognize the website and display suitable webpages or advertisements in each customers.

If the customer accepts cookies in your browse setting, 2nd Street is able to access your cookies through the browsers.


1.1) Setting Cookies

  1. The customer is able to change your browse settings to delete cookies, to choose “accept cookies”, “refuse cookies” or “inform you when you receive cookies” etc. Setting depends on browsers you use.
  2. Certain functions on our website may be limited if you set to refuse cookies.

2.2) Another Company’s Cookies on This Website

  1. 2nd Street may permit that another companies publishing advertisement on our website, or operating the advertisement distributing service (hereinafter referred to as ”the Administrator of Advertisement and Distribution”) send, save and refer cookies to your computer.
  2. The use of cookies by the Administrator of Advertisement and Distribution is based on their own privacy policy, not the one in 2nd Street.
  3. Advertisers and other companies can not refer to 2nd Street’s cookies.

3.3) 2nd Street ‘s Cookies on the Other Company’s Website

2nd Street may send, save and refer cookies to your computer when the customer visits other company’s website page where advertisement distributed from 2nd Street , under the investigation of utilization or under the consignment of partner companies such as advertisers in order to carry on the targeting advertisement.

This is subject to distribute suitable contents for customers, advertisements and information of our services, also to investigate and improve advertisement effects.

2nd Street’s cookies will only be used under our privacy policy. It will not be shared or disclosed to another companies directly. Obtained Information through cookies reports as statistics to our partner companies. It includes the summary of personal information or utilization however, it does not include the data such as specifiable personal information.


4.4) Behavioral Targeting Advertisements

2nd Street distributes “Behavioral Targeting Advertisements” which are displayed interesting for customers, as known as providing more suitable advertisements to customers.


5.5) To Grasp Customer’s Interest and Concern

  1. In order to grasp their interest and concern, 2nd Street stores customer’s data through cookies.
  2. The stored data is an access history information on our or partner company’s website. It is not identified the person, nor has any mechanism to identify. The retention period of stored data is maximum of 2 years.

6.6) To Disable Behavioral Targeting Advertisements

If you want to disable other company’s behavioral targeting advertisements on our website, please disable advertisements by setting the opt-out cookie according to advertisement provider. If you use a smartphone, please access through it.

9. Revise of Privacy Policy

2nd Street may revise this privacy policy to improve and protect the handling personal information. The implementation of the latest policy shall be after the issued date.

10. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Personal Information

If the customer or representative person requests us to disclose, correct, add or suspend use of the personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Disclose etc” ), 2nd Street will properly respond to such requests quickly.

2nd Street will inform regarding disclosure through written forms, oral, telephone and other lawful and fair means. 2nd Street will inform regarding correction, addition or suspension of use through oral or telephone. (Please note that any certificates are not issued.)

11. Deletion of Personal Information

2nd Street may be subject to delete a customer’s personal information without notice, in the cases that fall under any of the following items.

  1. When 2nd Street can not reach the customer even though the appropriate way to make a contact.
  2. When the customer does not use or access over a period of time.
  3. Besides, when 2nd Street deems inappropriate as our customers.
14. Contact for Personal Information

If you have any questions or queries regarding the content of Personal Information, please contact us below.

  1. Inquiry for our Privacy Policy on personal information, sharing the information and Anonymously Processed Information. Please contact us through the inquiry form in 2nd Street website.
15. Others
In accordance with Section 7(3) of the PDPA, this Privacy Policy is issued in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version, the English version shall prevail